Sunday, October 12, 2014

Wings of Freedom

When I was around my son's age I saw the movie Memphis Belle and it sparked my interest in World War II aviation. I started reading up everything I could on it and eventually came across the book Memphis Belle Home at Last by Menno Duerksen. A few years later I convinced my parents to take a trip to Memphis to see the real thing. (Back when it was still there. In 2005 it was moved to the Museum of the Air Force in Dayton, Ohio.) While we took in Graceland and several other local sites, seeing the Belle up close was the highlight of the trip.

I never pass up a chance to check out World War II aircraft up close, especially the chance to climb inside. The Collings Foundation Wings of Freedom tour was in town this weekend at the Chesterfield County Airport. Yesterday afternoon after the rain had finally stopped I took my older son down there to check it out. It was fun for me but he also seemed to enjoy the chance to see history up close. Here are some photos I took of the aircraft on display.

B-17G Nine-O-Nine

Close up of the nose art on the B-17.