Sunday, September 6, 2015

Streaming into the Past V

Because of my background as a social studies teacher prior to becoming an ITRT, when I do professional development often do something in that content area. Roughly once a year for the past four years I’ve put together presentations on a collection of useful social studies sites. For our district wide pre-school subject area PD this year I did round five. I’ve developed a bit of a following in the district with these presentations and along with seeing a lot of familiar faces in my sessions I got some great positive feedback on the sites I had found. Interspersed among the slides are another round of corny cartoons to break it up a bit.

Along with linking the presentation on my Wiki site I’ve also placed the links in their own section on my Portaportal page. The previous presentations I’ve done can also be found on the Wiki as well.

My Wiki (Previous presentations can be found on the Presentations and Tutorials page.)