Technology Enhanced Item Practice
Jefferson Labs (Read their FAQ Question #28 on how to access the TEI questions.)

Within Interactive Achievement under Assessment Library -> Subject -> Unit Tests -> Armstrong High School there is a test labeled "'Subject' TEI Items" with a collection of TEI and multiple answer questions for SOL review.

2014 Virginia Department of Education Released Items

2014 Released Tests in Interactive Format: (Courtesy of Poquoson Interactive Quizzes)

*Please note that due to the limitation of Smart Response there are two Smart files for each subject. (Except for Grade 3 because there are only 40 questions for that one.) Questions 1-40 are in the first and 41-50 are in the second. (The technology enhanced questions are on there too but I've set the answers to those questions as "E" because the Smart Response PE sets we have in my district don't provide a way to answer those.)*

2014 Grade 3 Math

2014 Grade 4 Math

2014 Grade 5 Math

2014 Grade 6 Math

2014 Grade 7 Math

2014 Grade 8 Math

2014 Algebra I

2014 Geometry

2014 Algebra II

2013 Student Performance Analysis

Mathematics: An analysis of tests administered in spring 2013
Grade Course
Grade 3
Grade 4
Grade 5
Grade 6
Grade 7
Grade 8
Algebra I
Algebra II

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