Thursday, April 6, 2017

Hill History Hunters

The social studies department at Albert Hill Middle recently put together a neat optional project for students to work on between spring break and the beginning of June. Entitled, "Hill History Hunters," each grade level gets a set of 7-9 sites around Richmond geared towards their specific subject matter. Students that visit at least 4-5 sites (depending on grade level) by the deadline will receive a prize provided by our PTA.

6th Grade sites (U.S. History to 1865) - Black History Museum & Cultural Center of Virginia, Historic St. John's Church, Meadow Farm Museum at Crump Park, Great Shiplock Park, The 1812 John Wickham House, Chimborazo Medical Museum, Hollywood Cemetery, Edgar Allan Poe Museum, and the Virginia Historical Society

7th Grade sites (U.S. History 1865 to Present) - Virginia War Memorial, Civilian Conservation Corps Museum at Pocahontas State Park, Library of Virginia, Maymont Mansion, Virginia Historical Society, The Valentine Museum, Maggie L. Walker Home, Virginia Holocaust Museum, and the Black History Museum & Cultural Center of Virginia

8th Grade sites (Civics and Economics) - The Valentine First Freedom Center, Attend a Richmond City Council Meeting, Library of Virginia, Black History Museum & Cultural Center of Virginia, John Marshall House, Attend a Richmond School Board Meeting, and the Virginia State Capitol

Yellow for 6th grade, blue for 7th, and green for 8th.

The intro page of the book. 

Each page includes the title and description of the site, a QR code that links to their website, and a spot to place an artifact from the visit. (Ticket stub, photograph, stamp, paragraph, etc.)