Friday, December 16, 2016

Amendments to the Constitution Project

I was making my rounds though Albert Hill Middle School yesterday and of the 8th Grade Civics teachers mentioned a project his kids were working where some of them were actually creating smartphone apps. Intrigued I stopped by to check it out and was so impressed I grabbed a copy of the project to post here.

Along with creating an app students also had the option to do a number of other things including PowerPoint presentation or podcast. Along with posting the lesson I've included links to resources for students that wish to use the technology options in their final product.


PowerPoint Presentation:
Google Slides


Smartphone App: App Lab
MIT App Inventor

The teacher that provided it to me, Mr. Kimbrell, couldn't remember where he had originally found this project and despite some Google sleuthing on my part I couldn't fully determine the source either. If it's yours please comment so I can provide proper credit.

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