Thursday, March 28, 2013

Newly Released SOL Tests

Earlier in the week the Virginia Department of Education released the Spring 2012 social studies SOL tests. I went through them and created Smart Response answer keys for each one. You will need to put the PDF up through the LCD projector (or give your students a handout of it) and then run the Smart Response file in the background. The elementary and middle school tests are one file each. But because Smart Response is limited to 40 questions I've divided each high school test into two parts - Questions 1-30 and Questions 31-60. The second part will be a little confusing because they'll be answering on their clickers 1-30 again (31 =1, 32=2, etc.) but there's no other easier way to set it up that I'm aware of.
I've put up both the Smart Response files as well as links to the released tests on the DOE site on the social studies page of my Wiki site:

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